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Terry’s 60th Birthday Party

Featuring the live music of Jay Cominsky, and celebrating Labor Day and his birthday, Terry invited all his family for a weekend of fishing, dove hunting, swimming, boating, and exploring the five miles of trails around the forested lake and meadows. Here is the link to the video of the fun…

Lodge Bedrooms are Family Friendly

In addition to the upper sleeping dormitories, there are four private bedrooms in the lower level of the lodge and each has a queen bed, an upper twin bed, and a double twin bed along with a window with electric security screen, curtain, small closet, under=bunk drawers, bookcase, television, night table, USB ports and wifi.

Lodge Beds and window
Queen with upper twin bunk
Double Twin Bunks
TV. Bookcase and Closet.

Wilderness Apartment

This new facility is located at the far north end of the 188 acre property and features a deerstand/apartment combination, porch, fire pit and BBQ area as well as running water and restroom and 12 volt and 110 volt power.. It has a double full size bunk and double twin bed bunks. The adjacent stock tank, deer plot and corn feeder attract wildlife every day. There is also a gun range with dirt targets at 75 and 100 yards.

Fire Pit, gun range, deer plot and deer feeder.


With miles and mile of trails through the forest and around the lake plus four deer stands there is ample opportunity to see deer, coyote, raccoons, skunks, dove, turkey, quail, and bobcat as well as many insects and reptiles. We also have a two-dog kennel available.

Deer Feeder at Sunset
Blue Heron fishing in the lake spillway.
Dog Kennel (double)

Upper Deck

The night time view of the stars and planets from our south-facing upper deck is amazing. The deck is accessible by metal stairs or direct from the parking lot of direct from the upper dormitory area. Seating is provided for 30 people. A canopy has recently been installed over the deck for rain and heat protection.

New Canopy over the upper deck, water slide, porch and dock.